Green Building

Green Building: Innovative Modular Systems

The term "green" became over used very quickly and remains an ambiguous term. Here at Triumph, we believe building "green" simply means understanding what makes a building healthier and energy efficient, is sensitive to its impact on the earth long term, and contributes to making the earth sustainable for our grandkids. At Triumph we understand the on-going quest of designing green is continually developing and strive to work with those in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) community, who successfully incorporate green design principles into their work and have experience in the field of green building, design and construction.

Modular Green Building Features

  • Superior environment with natural lighting, better air quality and improved acoustics
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing and non-toxic or recycled materials
  • Improved water and energy conservation
  • Features LEED-focused design elements

Modular systems with innovative green building features

Green building methods and modular combined for healthy, energy efficient space for classrooms, offices and more.

Triumph provides an innovative green building system that can be customized to serve a broad range of needs such as expansion space for schools, laboratories, medical facilities and general office use, among others.

Green buildings truly sustain the people within. How? Through better indoor air quality. We use only low to no VOC materials, apply superior ventilation techniques, and our building envelope helps resist any growth of mold. And through a responsibility approach to the environment and our future: we consider strategies that use rapidly renewable resources, such as bamboo and FSC certified wood products, as well as the recycled material content that can be found in our structural steel and carpet tiles. Green buildings offer improved energy conservation too, because the superior building envelope has improved thermal resistance and the white roofing reflects heat. The electrical and mechanical systems sense daylight and occupancy levels, operating efficiently to save energy.

Triumph continues to partner with architects and manufacturers on designing award-winning green modular building systems.

Whether you are seeking to meet the LEED standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council or are trying to do your socially active part with greater energy efficiencies, Triumph gives you an important green building system to help you "go green"

Green Building Projects
Team up with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation and help families of cancer patients