Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX…

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Renewed and refreshed coming out of ABX/Greenbuild – spurs an idea . . .

We had a great reception at Del Frisco’s where we connected more personally with old friends and new.   We had a ton of visitors and it felt like all were relaxed and being themselves.   Building construction and maintenance is complex territory, successful outcomes  require healthy teams with shared knowledge.  I was excited to meet some new people with open minds.

My special thanks to friend Ryan Smith, Professor at University of Utah who really energized me and gave me an idea.  Aware of some of our past projects,  he expressed enthusiasm about how people are using spaces to support the technology revolution.     Ryan’s  knowledge and use of virtual reality tools is far more advanced than my own and he envisioned how people would benefit from space to support the use of virtual reality tools and many other machines of the current burgeoning technology boom.

Professor Ryan Smith book signing

Professor Ryan Smith and Glenn Cort

Places to spur thought, collaboration and innovation.  Design teams at corporate offices, on campuses where students experiment, or at events of all kinds, with movable walls, movable equipment and furniture (all on casters) dry erase walls would allow users to test, fit and scale new technology’s.   Sometimes it’s the quietest person in the room with the best idea, and the right type of physical environment that empowers teams to

communicate more effectively.

ABX is all about how to create greener buildings that support healthier and smarter students, and a better workforce.  We are all building a better New England together.   It is so rewarding to think that we can actually make a difference, if we try, and being with other people and feeling the energy of the conference provides a lift!

With all this energy I started thinking, (can you believe that ? .. ha ha)   let’s do this at no cost for a few schools or start ups who are in need of some financial assistance.   We will provide a modern maker or technology activation, testing, scaling, facility with construction management services and permitting.  We will learn so much from our client,  we always do – and that’s all that we ask in return, to work with a great innovative team and do something that can make an impact in the lives of people, long term.  With thanks to all our current and past clients and hard working peer associates,  vendors and suppliers we are lucky enough to do it!   I don’t know how exactly we will choose the right partner(s), but I thought I would start here.

Please feel free to get in touch with me at 978-431-1006,  if you have a beneficiary project in mind, lets enable a brighter future right away.   This will help us start 2018 with our proverbial ladder on the right wall.

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