Peter Anderson, FAIA Architect of Net-Zero

Net-Zero Energy

Net-zero energy: “Now that we more fully realize the preciousness of our time, financial and environmental resources, we must, as an industry, rethink the way we design, construct, and occupy buildings. Everything we create needs to be valued as a permanent structure, even if we plan it to be relocatable as needs change. We can no longer afford to waste time, money, and materials making low performance disposable, temporary structures–not for construction shacks, not for emergency shelters, and certainly not for the schools in which we educate the future generations of leaders.

The good news is that there are a lot of people out there who understand this, and who have already changed their priorities in very positive ways. We see this in clients who have higher expectations for the performance of their buildings, and we see it in the modular building industry, where there are manufacturers, suppliers and dealers who are very progressive and ambitious about expanding the market for high quality fixed and relocatable structures using the efficiencies of modular construction and transportation. I think that the end result will be the opening of many new market segments that provide excellent expansion opportunities for the modular building industry.”

Peter Anderson, FAIA
Anderson Anderson Architecture