The 4 Best Modular Home Manufacturers in the Northeast

We’re lucky to have several modular home manufacturers serving New England, producing very high-quality, beautiful residential homes.  At Triumph Modular we do not build single-family residential homes. We build commercial buildings and, as such, multi-family housing is a market we serve.  We tend to work with developers on these projects.  However, we are often called by homeowners asking about modular homes, and we have worked with several manufacturers on our multi-family projects, who for the most part built their businesses on building single-family homes. The list below is the companies that we recommend most often. They are among the best modular home manufacturers in the Northeast:

KBS Builders KBS Building Systems (Oxford ME)
preferred building systems Preferred Building Systems (New Hampshire)
Westchester Homes (NY)
Signature Building Systems (PA)

The success of modular home manufacturing helps increase the overall awareness of the benefits of the modular process – and therefore helps Triumph the context of a “rising tide lifts all boats.” And from our conversations with some of these providers, demand for modular homes has never been higher.

But we also recognize that the expansion of single-family modular construction currently doesn’t expand the capacity for commercial projects.   Their capacity and interest to meet the demand for large-scale housing projects, as well as other commercial buildings, is very much in question.

In fact, in a recent article in Construction Dive they polled various industry participants and found:

“..out of 14 market segments, GCs and trade representatives found medical facilities the most promising for modular construction. Forty-one percent selected healthcare as being in the top 10 most-promising sectors.  Designers cited multifamily as the strongest contender for increasing modular inroads. Half of the more than 200 architects and engineers polled ranked it in one of the top spots.”

What is worth exploring is their capacity and interest to meet the demand for large-scale housing projects as well as other commercial buildings. Leveraging modular manufacturing capacity for different, larger-scale markets, is a very important issue for our industry and one that we’ll be addressing in more detail in future posts.