A.L.I.C.E. Training and Modular Classrooms Part 2 of 3

Many Massachusetts area schools undergo ALICE Training

Schools in  Methuen, Danvers, Northhampton, Winchester and Bedford, just to name a few have all completed or will complete ALICE Training.

Holbrook in Massachusetts prepared for potential threats. For the new school year, Holbrook is implementing the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) program, as recommended by the Massachusetts Task Force Report in its report on school safety, which was presented to Gov. Deval Patrick in July. Holbrook Superintendent was first to introduce ALICE while she was on the Crisis Management Team as principal of Tewksbury High School. “After Sandy Hook, people didn’t want to be sitting ducks anymore,” she said. “This protocol made sense to me to save the kids and to make sure they get out safely. We had talked about it and now we finally have the opportunity to introduce and it gives us something else we can count on in the case of an emergency. ALICE is a program that allows people to defend themselves instead of being victims.”

At Memorial Middle and High School in Lenox, MA, The town’s school district is doubling down on consideration of enhanced emergency security and safety precautions, reflecting close ties with local police. The current priority involves enhanced lockdown and evacuation scenarios at Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, Lockdown procedures include PA system announcements, classroom doors that lock from the inside and other related precautions. The addition of exterior cameras, interior cameras in hallways are being considered.

To learn more about this program visit www.alicetraining.com to schedule training for your school.

Safe Building and Modular Classrooms

Modular Classrooms can offer safe solutions.  As school districts grow the requirement for additional space presents excellent opportunities for school planners to compare the benefits of modular building vs. conventional construction. Modular classrooms are custom designed and installed based on the specifications of each school district. With regards to emergency planning we have the ability to build and integrate modular classrooms with existing structures as well as public announcement systems, lockdown methods, security cameras, bullet proof glass, etc. All of these specifications are determined by your schools building planners. We also work with local police departments to provide floor plans for evaluation and evacuation plans during the design phase. If you or your school would like to learn more about how we have served the educational community with modular classrooms, offices and childcare space please contact us below.

In ALICE Training and Modular Classrooms – Part 3 we will share resources for you to develop High Quality Emergency Operations Plans available thru the Massachusetts Government website.

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