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As the United States population grows older, the most numerous and wealthy generation in our history enters old age. These trends warrant unprecedented demand for healthcare infrastructure. Therefore, society should look towards providing speedy fixes for all health needs. Triumph Modular aims to provide cost effective and time effective solutions for all medical spaces and clinical labs. What should your healthcare organization look for? A vast array of temporary and permanent options await.

Cost Efficient and Time Effective

The largest generation in United States history is entering their golden years. Therefore, limited resources for healthcare services must be cost efficient and time effective. To serve the healthcare needs of the Boomer generation, we will need more healthcare centers in places that are easy to access. Whether it’s a traditional private doctor’s office or an urgent care center, Triumph provides top-quality, economical prices and speedy delivery.

As you may already know, the modular process inherently saves time. As buildings are made in factory settings away from the eventual building site, we can develop the site and construct the building at the same time. Once we finish construction, we move the modules to the site and install them in a fast process. Time is money, so when we save time, we save money. Triumph Modular can provide you with up to 50% savings compared to conventional construction. In addition to speed of construction and installation, modular factory construction provides protection from risk. It doesn’t rain or snow in a factory. Modular means reduced delays from inclement weather, which leads to savings.

Temporary and Permanent Options

No matter the time period you are looking at, Triumph can serve your specific needs. If you are looking for a temporary building, look no further. Triumph’s temporary buildings help serve patients *now*, even while your traditionally-built facility is still in the works. If you are looking for a permanent building, ours are built to match the quality of a traditionally built edifice. Triumph Modular helps you save time so you can have your operations up running faster.

clinical labs

Past Projects for Triumph

In 2013, Triumph Modular created a healthcare center for Phillips Exeter Academy. This was to be a temporary structure to serve the health needs of the students while the permanent building was in construction. Consisting of four 12×60 modules, it become one 24×120 building. No matter how big or small you need your building to be, Triumph will provide it to you.

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