Can Modular Housing improve the Affordable Housing Shortage?

Chicago-based construction firm opens a new manufacturing facility to address the Affordable Housing Shortage.

Could this help Boston?

Last week, Skender opened its new facility in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. Located at 3348 S. Pulaski Road, the factory will produce modular affordable housing units. Why modular? This method ensures that all units are built under controlled factory conditions, away from unpredictable weather patterns. It increases quality and lowers waste. Therefore, one can create more housing at a price that is affordable to most.

“The new Skender advanced manufacturing facility is a win-win for Chicago, generating job growth on the Southwest side while advancing a creative solution to address the affordable housing shortage,” Lightfoot said. “We will work with residents, community leaders, and developers across the city to ensure every Chicagoan has a safe and affordable place to live. The addition of new modular units will improve access to sustainable housing, prevent homelessness, and ensure that as Chicago grows, all of our neighbors can afford to grow, too.”

“We have enough space at the facility for six assembly lines running simultaneously, each potentially building a different kind of modular unit,” Skender President of Manufacturing Pete Murray said. “We’re not just looking at complete structural units for multifamily housing and hospitality. The factory will also make slide-in pods, such as exam rooms for healthcare projects.”  Normally, the arduous processes of wiring, plumbing, drywalling, and finishing a multifamily building would have to be done on the building site itself and would require a slew of skilled trade workers. By bringing those processes onto the factory floor, Skender estimates it can save 15% on costs compared to traditional construction, and cut timelines by around 40%.

How can modular manufacturing methods help solve the housing crunch in metro Boston? Triumph Modular has the vision: build multifamily modular housing to save money and pass down the savings to the occupants. If you would like more information on our past project for the Acton Housing Authority, click here. If you would like to read more about the GreenStaxx housing system, click here.