Modular buildings as classrooms – in a different way

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There was a fun story about the educational benefits of modular buildings as classrooms in the Charleston Daily Mail in Charleston, West Virginia. A teacher at Preston County High School, in Kingwood, West Virginia, has been working with students to create one-room modular structures that are then auctioned off to people around the county.

The newspaper describes this year’s model as “a one-bedroom, fully wired cabin made of pine logs from Tyler County. It has a living/kitchen area, bathroom with shower and space for a washer and dryer.” Previous owners have included a realty company that turned their structure into office space.

I remember doing something similar as a kid, on summer vacation. We used scrap material from a barn that had been demolished. We didn’t know it then, but we were ahead of the curve, using 100% recycled materials! It was just a one room shack, but quite livable! What a great learning experience in team work as well.

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