Modular Innovation in Healthcare Spaces

Modular buildings are used Healthcare

The world of healthcare and medical facilities is driven by unprecedented demand. Born between 1946 and 1963, the Boomer generation is the largest cohort of Americans to reach old age. How must we provide adequate care for so many senior citizens? How can we decrease costs and make healthcare affordable for seniors, their families, and taxpayers?

modular innovation healthcare

When it comes to cutting costs and delivering buildings ahead of schedule, there is no match for the modular method. Some aspects of healthcare facility construction have already modularized. Indeed, one can easily find modular wall assemblies, furniture, and casework systems in production today. But what about constructing a fully modular building?


In order to provide enough hospitals, urgent care clinics, doctors’ offices, and specialty clinics, we need to manufacture off-the-shelf bathrooms, exam rooms, treatment rooms, operating theaters, and other rooms. Medical center facility directors need to be able to choose from an array of a la carte room types. “Modular” means that each room is a module, and the facility director can choose as many or as few of each module as he sees fit. Each modular component is like a Lego piece; they can arrive at the building site and snap together.

innovative modular healthcarePre-fabricated = Quality

Each module can be built off-site in controlled factory settings. Thus, the modular system is efficient, timely, cost-effective, and replicable. If a hospital director wants 10 operating theaters, modular factories can deliver the 10 operating theaters, all of which are exact replicas of each other.

Modular construction also considers buildings holistically. When it comes to the building envelope, off-site construction can result in a finished product with very tight tolerances. In effect, the whole building has next-level precision. The envelope has consistent seams, engineered gap lengths, all of which contribute to a higher-performing building.

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By default, when one manufactures a building in controlled settings, one cuts down on waste. It is cost-effective and energy-efficient. As patients increasingly demand top-quality healthcare experiences, it is important to cut building, furniture, and fixture costs without sacrificing quality. Thus, we can reign in healthcare costs while increasing patient satisfaction.

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