Modular University a New Resource Available by MBI

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Modular Building Institute's Resources

Modular Building Institute’s updated website

The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the foremost educator and proponent for permanent off site construction for commercial buildings.


Commercial vs. Relocatable

Commercial modular is generally defined as projects where a majority, greater than 50%, of the project is constructed using an offsite method of volumetric modular components.  The modular building industry as defined by the MBI has two distinct but sometimes related segments relocatable and permanent. In terms of the relocatable space segment of the industry, it has long served so many with immediate and temporary space needs. A growing number of MBI members from the permanent segment are building and setting complex buildings of state of the art design to permanent foundations.


A Remake for Improved Access

The Modular Building Institute’s web site has been revamped and improved. The changes have made finding information about permanent and the uses of temporary modular buildings online easier. For developers, designers and owners seeking understanding of applying the modular process to permanent buildings, the MBI has made available some great new tools.  In fact, they have teamed with Building Design and Construction and launched a modular university on their site which currently offers five courses,  many whitepapers, and other resources.


Thank You, Modular Building Institute

Permanent modular design and construction is an efficient process applicable in many instances of commercial design and construction. It should not be overlooked due to sheer misperception, based on outdated views and misplaced applications.   Education is the only way to break the common misconception of what modular is all about, so we thank the MBI for making these tools available to all.

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