The GreenStaxx 21st Century Triple Decker

GreenStaxx has redesigned the iconic triple-decker to meet the needs of the 21st Century. The GreenStaxx Triple Decker is a standardized, “ready to go” building that can be connected to meet multiple developer lot and configuration requirements.

triple decker three unit      triple decker 24 units

The three-unit single Triple Decker designed by GreenStaxx, of Cambridge, can expand into multiple attached
Triple Deckers with up to 24 units.

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Key Features Include:

  • Total building size pf 4.087 Sq Ft., with basement 5,420 Sq Ft
  • Footprint of 40 x 60 FT
  • Contemporary, Modern Building with market-tested Unit Designs
  • High levels of Building Performance – Passive House
  • The building is predesigned and pre-engineered, and all finishes are pre-specified – Ready to Go

      triple decker cambridge front view

Integrated Delivery

Working with team members, KBS Builders, Inc. as modular manufacturers and Winslow Architects, Inc. as site architect, Triumph can deliver the Triple Decker quickly, with high quality and predictable time frames and costs.


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