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Cost Considerations – Permanent Modular Building Construction

People in the early stages of considering a commercial permanent modular building project need to have responsible and credible budget guidance to understand feasibility of the overall project. What we do here is use our past experience (100’s of years combined) to show different levels of specification and building finishes, together with educated guidance regarding site improvement and permitting costs, to show you likely results, with abundant detailing in the finishes and quality levels.

Because we build more than 65% of the building off site in a manufacturing plant we can most responsibly provide levels of cost based on levels of quality and finishes, from most affordable to luxury. We use many of our past projects to provide this information.  Infrastructure, site work and utility connections at the site we analyze separately.  We provide actual specification detailing, cut sheets, pictures and video explanations of the levels of quality options from windows and door types, flooring, interior wall finishes, exterior siding, and structure.  Cost can be estimated for the “Big Four, Electrical , HVAC , Plumbing and Fire Protection into the modular building cost, depending on use group and with some information provided by you.  Site built final connections of utilities are carried in the Site Costs.

After breaking down the quality of the modular building in terms of actual specification and finish quality, we take an educated look at what site costs will be, including professional services for dealing with zoning departments, engineering and permitting of the site.  Infrastructure, site work like clearing, new public access and establishing utilities is an area of cost that is most difficult to estimate without research. We make certain generalizations here to assist you with understanding certain cost drivers.

Establishing a very reliable budget requires that final design of all of the above is known.  We offer a simple pre-construction feasibility agreement (sample click here) that provides you a more reliable budget based on inspection of documents and the site.

Prior to engaging us in a formal feasibility study however, we offer the following tools found in this section: Cost Configurator – created (2015) our first attempt and foray to provide a very general idea based on limited information. It should be used only as a conversation starter.   Upon completion of a set of (15) questions you will be given a price range.

More in- depth information are found in our Video Tutorials and Past building Financial Case Studies.

As always, we look forward to talking with you and we hope that you find this information helpful.