GuardRailed Construction6 critical areas of focus to help the construction industry have more success !

Cone 1: Project Fit – the Essence of  “ Guard Railed Construction “   by Glenn Cort, Esq., LEED AP

I wasn’t sure where to place Project Fit in priority in my Cone “naming” convention at my office.  As you can see in the photo (me on the back right 😊 ) I brought in actual road guardrails to our offices and set up a series of 6 Cones.  Most of our Cones represent rather broad and complex categories, ripe for further research and discussion.  Project Fit, while arguably being the very essence of “GuardRailed construction” is the most straightforward as a learned application.

In short, every company needs to set its boundaries around what types of clients and projects they accept.  You’ve heard this concept before referred to as “stick to your knitting.”   Right now, given our capacity, knowledge and expertise as a company we know that we can only build a certain size and type building, with a limited number of modules.

Understanding what you are good at, and what you are not, should ensure that you stay in your lanes and fulfill your promises to the clients that you do serve.   For Triumph Modular, we can add great value for a school, as we have worked on many campuses.  We have experience with science wings, office buildings and daycares.  A hospital project on the other hand would not align well with what we do best, particularly if it were large health care center.  There are other companies that would do a better job at that than us.

Also, we use modular construction exclusively, and we want to build as much off site as possible.  If a project is not built off site to more than 65% completion, it is not for us.  We don’t work in smaller modular units.

Lastly, we deliver speed as a core value, without sacrificing quality.  We have learned a lot about how to leverage the use of offsite modular manufacturing in order to deliver high quality buildings faster and with less site disruption.   We want to “own” minimization of site disruption — reducing the constant “noise” and “pollution” of traditional construction — so we need to gain expertise at doing that.  We can provide impressive amounts of speed, but this does not come without some rules of the road.  In order for us to perform our little “miracle”– i.e. speed — without sacrificing design or quality, we need to set up guard rails.

With modular, our clients may sacrifice floor to ceiling heights.  If ceiling heights need to be over ten feet, for example, in more than 35% of the building it will not be right for us.  If the project is too large (over $7 million at the time of this writing ) and/or if the client doesn’t value speed-to-occupancy we will likely find a referral company for our client.  We often make referrals of prospective callers to people we know in the New England Construction community and beyond.  We have posted a few of these in the affiliates and partners area on our website.


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