Creative Modern Modular Construction

Triumph partners with architects and our clients to create award-winning, modern buildings designed to meet the specific requirements for each of our clients. Design professionals are always asking about the limitations with modular and often assume that they are limited in a significant way. In fact, the limitations with using modular construction are often far over perceived, given people have visions of more temporary modular spaces. There are a few limitations with our type of volumetric modular construction.  To see the limitations please link here.

The options for interior and exterior finishes when using modular construction are virtually limitless. See the images below for examples of finishes we have incorporated on Triumph Modular projects in the past.


In-Person Briefings About Modular and Prefab Construction

Join us for a lunch-and-learn event where we cover the ins and outs of modular and prefab construction, plus answer your questions. Register online here, or call 978-486-0120 for scheduling information.