Sprout Space

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sprout space
Sprout Space National Building Museum The National Building Museum in Washington, DC proudly featured Sprout Space modular classroom as the cornerstone of their 2013 Green Schools Exhibit. The goal of any classroom is to have inspired teachers instructing engaged students learning in a healthy and productive environment. That aim was the inspiration for our award-winning Sprout Space™ classroom design. The ... Read More

Tufts Student Information Systems Center

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

Tufts student information center
Tufts University required additional office space for their new SIS (Student Information System) Project and considered off-campus facilities due to a lack of available space on campus. This option presented certain logistical problems for the University such as transportation and parking expenses and separation of staff.  They needed a very high quality space, one that looked and would feel permanent ... Read More

EMD Serono Corporate Modular Office Space

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

EMD serono modular office space exterior
Triumph Modular collaborated with EMD Serono to create a class A state of the art modular office space for director level staff visiting from overseas. No detail was spared in the fit and finish of this facility. Design features include: beautiful reception and sitting areas, track and accent lighting, decorative millwork throughout the conference rooms, kitchen and café area, full ... Read More

Peabody Terrace Modular Childcare Center

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

harvard peabody terrace modular childcare center
Using eight, in-stock modular building units, Triumph Modular and Harvard University, along with the help of D. W. Arthur and Associates, designed a modular childcare center to suit the needs of a temporary space for the Peabody Terrace Child Care Center. One overarching theme was to keep the project as “Green” as possible on a limited budget. Some green design ... Read More

Newman Elementary School Sustainable Temporary Classrooms

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

needham newman school temporary modular project
Triumph Modular recently installed a modular complex of sustainable temporary classrooms and administrative space at the Newman Elementary School in Needham, MA, enabling students to continue learning on site in an optimal environment during the school’s renovation. This modular solution uniquely offers flexibility, style and green features. When the original school renovation is completed, they will have leased these relocatable ... Read More

Harvard Yard Modular Child Care Center

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

harvard modular childcare exterior
Triumph designed, built and installed an innovative 5,700 square-foot daycare facility on the campus of Harvard University in just six weeks. For eighteen months, this modular school building will first house the Harvard Yard Child Care Center, and then the Oxford Street Daycare Cooperative, while their permanent locations are being renovated. The building features a variety of green, sustainable features ... Read More

USTA Broadcast Village Modular Media Center

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

USTA broadcast village modular complex
Triumph created a Broadcast Village to house the media and broadcasting equipment for the 2008 US Open. Triumph provided more than 16,000 sq ft for the modular media center and installed the buildings in just five days. The Broadcast Village features more than two dozen high-quality mobile offices with the potential to add additional multi-floor units for 2009. The building also ... Read More

Green Modular Classroom Carroll School

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

green modular classroom carroll school
Triumph installed the nation’s first truly high-performing relocatable modular classroom at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Mass. A collaboration years in the making, the building won international acclaim and top honors for green modular classroom design by the Modular Building Institute. Designed to achieve certification under the LEED rating system, it provides its occupants a superior learning environment with natural ... Read More