Dennis C. Haley Modular School Addition

Rusty Williams Modular Classroom Projects, Permanent Modular

Denis P Haley School Modular Building
The Dennis C. Haley Pilot School in Roslindale, MA, part of Boston Public Schools, had run out of space. The middle school students and teachers were separated from the rest of the k-5 grades for over a year, spending their day’s miles apart on two separate campuses. Triumph Modular was tasked with constructing an efficient school addition to bring the ... Read More

Lexington High School Addition

Rusty Williams Modular Classroom Projects, Permanent Modular

Triumph Modular provided Lexington High School with 18,000 sq. ft. of classroom space, over the summer break. The building was ready for student’s first day, on time and on budget! The modular building features 15 new classrooms for the students of Lexington High. The Town of Lexington was able to leverage the advantages of modular construction to combat overcrowding with no sacrifice to quality. ... Read More

Needham Mitchell Elementary School Swing Space

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

Needham Mitchell School modular addition
This 7800 square foot classroom elementary school swing space was designed to optimize program space both indoors and outdoors on a restricted site, and to contribute flow of the Needham Mitchell Elementary School campus.  The modular building features 4 new classrooms, 4 bathrooms and much needed storage space.  The new modular addition was built in the location of existing basketball ... Read More

Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School Boston

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This project included extensive improvements to the existing school including all new sprinkler and alarms to three levels. The addition was a custom site built connecting link and a new 7,000 square foot brick sided modular classroom building. Featured construction elements included removing existing parking lots, installing new drainage, sewer and water lines to city utilities and repaving the entire ... Read More

Belmont Hill

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

The Belmont Hill School needed swing space. Recognizing Triumph as the leader in sustainable classroom design, they reached out to Triumph's team learn what their options were. Triumph was tasked with providing 6 classrooms, an open testing area, 5 private offices, a conference room, and restrooms for staff and students. They were able to repurpose buildings from within their existing fleet ... Read More

Sprout Space

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sprout space
Sprout Space National Building Museum The National Building Museum in Washington, DC proudly featured Sprout Space modular classroom as the cornerstone of their 2013 Green Schools Exhibit. The goal of any classroom is to have inspired teachers instructing engaged students learning in a healthy and productive environment. That aim was the inspiration for our award-winning Sprout Space™ classroom design. The ... Read More

Newman Elementary School Sustainable Temporary Classrooms

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

needham newman school temporary modular project
Triumph Modular recently installed a modular complex of sustainable temporary classrooms and administrative space at the Newman Elementary School in Needham, MA, enabling students to continue learning on site in an optimal environment during the school’s renovation. This modular solution uniquely offers flexibility, style and green features. When the original school renovation is completed, they will have leased these relocatable ... Read More

Newton Oak Hill Middle School

Rusty Williams Modular Classroom Projects, Permanent Modular

Green Modular Classroom
High-Performance Green Schools are healthy and productive environments. They are also cost-effective facilities that conserve energy, use renewable resources and have lower annual utility and operating costs. The City of Newton placed an emphasis on reaping the benefits of a sustainable, high-efficiency modular building for a classroom expansion at the Newton Oak Hill Middle School. By funding and constructing this ... Read More

Grafton Middle School

Rusty Williams Modular Classroom Projects, Permanent Modular

grafton school
Triumph used a thin brick façade for the Grafton Middle School modular addition to visually match the existing school building. The modular addition was connected to the existing school building for easy student access between the main building and new modular classrooms. This project is unique because it was built on a permanent foundation on a sloping hill. The steep ... Read More

Green Modular Classroom Carroll School

Rusty Williams Temporary Modular

green modular classroom carroll school
Triumph installed the nation’s first truly high-performing relocatable modular classroom at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Mass. A collaboration years in the making, the building won international acclaim and top honors for green modular classroom design by the Modular Building Institute. Designed to achieve certification under the LEED rating system, it provides its occupants a superior learning environment with natural ... Read More