Inly School Montessori School

The Inly School is a leading independent school in the Boston area for over thirty-five years. Inly has a specific and inspired vision about what type of space they offer as learning environments. In 2010, they needed more classroom space but with a master plan for permanent construction in the works, they had a strict budget for shorter-term space. Intrigued by high-quality designs found in Triumph’s portfolio they chose Triumph to collaborate. The result was a creative, “hip” and modern classroom building that matched their vision and met their budget.

Triumph offered custom design choices inside and out. The exterior siding was changed using a fiber cement paneling system, recommended by Triumph for its sturdiness, wide variety of color and pattern choices, and exposed aluminum fastening system. Aside from sharp aesthetics, all paints, coatings, and adhesives were low odor and no VOC. Rapidly renewable mid-western agricultural fiber “wheat board” replaced wood-based particleboard for interior classroom walls, 100% natural fiber carpet, programmable T-Stats, a white roof, and several windows were added to increase natural daylight.

The two-piece modular was set on piers just feet away from a six-foot stone wall requiring close coordination between structural engineers and Triumph. Connection to the main building included a wet sprinkler system and alarm tie-ins. A water main under the modular was relocated, roof and perimeter drainage were added in coordination with new walkways. Work was completed in three weeks on-site and prior to the start of the school, Sept. 8th, 2010.