Facility Management Services

User guide

This User Guide consists of useful information for your convenience to help you maintain your leased building for your occupants’ comfort and safety.


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How to Hook Up Electrical

Use licensed electricians to hook up your building.

PROBLEM: All lights or receptacles don’t work.

  • Is the unit connected to 220 volts with the proper size wire?
  • Is the main breaker on in the panel?
  • Check all switches and breakers.
  • If bulbs are burned out, replace them.
  • If bulbs are in good working condition and still won’t work then call for service.

PROBLEM: All fluorescent lights are flickering.

  • Light ballast is cold; flickering usually stops after a few minutes.

PROBLEM: In one of the light fixtures, both bulbs are flickering.

  • Change one bulb at a time; make sure they are new bulbs.
  • If this does not work, then call for service.

PROBLEM: No power in one of the receptacles.

  • Check the GFI receptacle in the bathroom; reset if tripped.
  • Are there too many cords plugged into the same receptacle causing an overload in the breaker?
  • Check breaker at the panel box. If the breaker is on and there is still no power, call for service.

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heater must be filled with water before turned on.

  • If hot water heater is not operating once filled, check the on/off switch on the heater or check the breaker in the electrical panel box.

Central Air Conditioning

Please view Bard Video above

Air conditioner filters must be changed often. Under normal conditions, filters must be checked every 30 days and changed when any wear or debris is noticed.

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not operate. Shut off at end of every workday to prevent coils from freezing.

  • Is the voltage correct (220V or 110V)?
  • Is the hookup done properly?
  • Check the circuit breaker at the panel box or unit.
  • Check safety switch located outside adjacent to the A/C.
  • Check the fuses in the safety switch box.

PROBLEM: A/C is running, but no air is coming out of diffusers.

  • Open ceiling diffusers and/or registers.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions in the air louvers or grills.
  • Make sure the filter is clean.


  1. Turn the thermostat to the off position.
  2. Turn breaker/HVAC to OFF position.
  3. Remove service door (center panel)
  4. Slide out the old filter, slide in the new filter arrow facing up
  5. Replace service doors.

Thru-Wall Air Conditioner

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not operate.

  • Is the voltage correct?
  • Is the unit plugged in?
  • Is the circuit breaker tripped?

PROBLEM: The air conditioner does not cool as it should.
The temperature may not be set low enough turn knob to lower setting.
If the room temperature is very hot when A/C is first turned on allow additional time to cool down.

The filter should be washed with warm water or vacuumed every 30 days; more frequently in dirty environments. Remove the front grille to locate the filter.

During the winter months, do not disconnect heat from the unit until plumbing has been drained or the pipes will freeze.
Leave Heat at 60 degrees minimum at all times during winter months, including overnight & weekends.
In the event of more than 18” of snow accumulation within a 24 hour period, carefully clear snow from the roof.