david h koch modular building for childcare services

Architecture and Sustainable Building Design

Triumph works with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and many members of the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) to learn how off-site construction can help owners meet their sustainability goals.  Here, you can review the benefits of off-site construction and the LEED rating system.

More credible architecture firms are familiarizing themselves with the basic design parameters and critical success factors needed for off-site construction. We have worked with the AIA on presentations which will help the design community so people can understand the pros and cons of using modular.

Here you can explore the when and why of modular in the Permanent Modular section of our website.

Nearly any style of architecture is possible with modular construction. In fact, modular is an alternative form of construction.  There are no limitations in exterior and interior finish materials, quality, or duration when compared to other forms of construction.

With each passing project, modular proves to be a viable alternative. In particular, modular methods are a great asset when a project requires speed of construction and reduced site disruption.