Building BLOCS™ – Clear Span Solution

Triumph Modular is building limitless open concept solutions (BLOCS). Our Clear Span Building BLOCS™ provide a fast and flexible wide-open space that can be designed and configured for custom layouts.

Our Building BLOCS™ are built on a perimeter frame with a clear span truss and do not require any columns or supporting walls, allowing for increased versatility for furniture, cubicles, and meeting spaces. A 60-foot steel high beam sets the length of the structure and each module added will set the width, creating dozens of size configurations. Creating a 3-plex (2,160 SF) can be created as easily as a 10-plex (7,200 SF) with our clear span solution.

Building BLOCS™ Features & Benefits:

  • No columns or supporting walls are required, creating an open concept space
  • An open floor plan that gives flexibility to the customer to add furniture – The Solutions, or for the placement of potential offices
  • Fast and Flexible – Accommodates all sizes and configurations rather than waiting for the exact sized building to be available
  • Building BLOCS Modular Walls™ can be added to create offices, conference rooms, and breakrooms
  • Two restrooms and a closet
  • Less bounce in the building due to the use of a perimeter frame
  • An acoustical ceiling that provides a traditional office look and the convenient access to data lines and additional electrical wires
  • LED Lighting

The Building BLOCS™ can grow with your project and can extend to unlimited square footage. As your project expands, multiple modules can be added. At a later stage, modules can also be removed once the project winds down. The BLOCS Modular Wall System can be used to reconfigure the interior walls after the buildings have been on site. Ideal for business offices and classrooms, Building BLOCS™ can also be used for a variety of special uses, including medical facilities, laboratories, and STEM Spaces.