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Inherently Greener – Modern Prefab

Modern prefab is inherently greener than most conventional building methods with the efficient use of labor and materials. Benefits of controlled off-site construction include:

  • Fewer material deliveries and transportation
  • Fewer job site impacts
  • Reduction in waste, and pollutants
  • Fewer losses, misplacements
  • Increased worker safety

Triumph partners with architects and manufacturers on designing award-winning green temporary building systems. Whether you are seeking to meet the LEED® standards set out by the U.S. Green Building Council or are trying to do your socially active part with greater energy efficiencies, Triumph can help you “go green.”

Green building design features include:

  • Environmentally friendly insulation
  • Low to no VOC interior wall and floor finishes
  • Improved daylighting
  • White roofing to reflect heat
  • Energy-efficient utility systems
  • Entrance vestibules for improved HVAC efficiency
  • Automatic sensors for lights and heating systems
  • Recycled carpet tiles to reduce landfill waste