Guardrail #1: Project Fit

Project fit refers to the boundaries around what types of clients and projects a construction company will accept. It is the essence of “Guardrailed Construction.” 

As the owner or customer of a project, it’s important for you to know how well your project fits with the typical project your chosen construction company undertakes. 

Construction companies are more successful when they stick to what they do best. For example, at Triumph, we know that we can only build a certain size and type building, with a limited number of modules. When a project meets this criteria — when the project fit is right — Triumph excels and exceeds customer expectations. 

An important aspect of project fit for Triumph is the use of modular construction. We use modular construction exclusively and build as much offsite as possible. If a project is not built offsite to more than 65% completion, it is not for us.

Delivery speed is one of our core values. We have learned a lot about how to leverage the use of offsite modular manufacturing in order to deliver high-quality buildings faster and with less site disruption.

When Triumph sticks to the right project fit, we can focus on another core value of ours: minimization of site disruption. Reducing the constant “noise” and “pollution” of traditional construction takes expertise specific to the type of project. We can’t do this for all projects, but when the project is the right fit, we meet and exceed these goals.

The project fit guardrail gives us strict guidelines on what we can do well, but it also informs us where we can’t excel. For example, our clients may need to sacrifice floor to ceiling heights. If ceiling heights need to be over ten feet in more than 35% of the building, it will not be the right project for us. Also, if the project is too large (over $7 million at the time of this writing) and/or if the client doesn’t value speed-to-occupancy, we will likely find a referral company for our client.

With our “project fit” guardrail in place, Triumph has become more selective about the projects we accept and we find ourselves turning down some opportunities. As a result, we often make referrals to people we know in the New England Construction community and beyond. We have posted a few of these in the affiliates and partners area on our website.

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