Temporary Modular Construction

Just because a building is temporary doesn’t mean that it has to be ugly. Temporary modular buildings can be beautiful, innovative, and provide a healthy environment within which to work and learn—just like permanent ones!

With over 40 years of providing temporary buildings for all uses and needs, Triumph Modular creates value for you. We apply our experience to your situation, arrive at a reliable budget, and show you inimitable results.


Why Temporary Modular?

Temporary modular offers many benefits over traditional construction methods—here’s what you can expect:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Cost predictability
  • Creative designs
  • Quality buildings
  • Green building practices
  • Flexibility
  • Simple financing

Looking for more in-depth information about the benefits of temporary modular? Check out our page!

When Should You Go With Temporary Modular?

So, when is temporary modular the best option?

Temporary modular buildings work in several different industries for all kinds of situations. Here are a few examples:

Temporary classrooms – Classroom size is always a point of contention in the educational sector. As school needs change and more space is needed, temporary buildings can answer the call.

Temporary laboratories – If lab space is in short supply, temporary modular can help. Temporary modular buildings can provide flexible lab space when permanent construction isn’t the best option.

Construction site offices – Temporary modular thrives for construction site offices. Once the project is completed, no sweat—the building is returned to Triumph Modular, and you aren’t stuck with a building you don’t need anymore.

Temporary Modular Costs

Cost is always an important factor in our purchasing decisions—at Triumph Modular, we want you to be as informed as possible about everything that goes into the cost of temporary modular.

There are two primary drivers for temporary modular costs:

  1. The type of building – Building cost starts with the type of building you need. For example, a simple storage container will cost less than a premium building, such as the Triumph Modular Silverline buildings.
  2. Site work – Temporary buildings still require some site preparation—even in the case of storage or office containers. You’ll need to consider lot preparation, permits, utilities, and any hardscaping or landscaping when pricing out your temporary modular projects.

Triumph Modular can help you budget and price out your temporary modular projects. Learn more about price considerations and how we can help today.

Examples of Temporary Modular Construction in the Field

Still unsure if temporary modular is right for your project? Check out these examples of Triumph’s temporary modular projects and premium buildings.