MBI 2019 Report: New Release

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MBI 2019 Report

On Wednesday, the Modular Building Institute released the all new MBI 2019 Report. This report is the industry’s most comprehensive collection of research and findings on permanent modular and relocatable modular buildings. Besides providing an overview of the modular construction industry, it also features in-depth analysis on the U.S., Canadian, and international markets.

We would like to thank MBI for featuring us in their overview of the modular industry and in the relocatable building section. Below, check out our feature photo from the MBI 2019 Report:

Triumph Sprout Space classrooms

Production in this region (New England and New York) went up by 4.2 percent in 2018. Particularly, multi-family projects in New York and Massachusetts increased in number. Top markets in this region included education, offices, hospitality, and multi-family. Multi-family market in this region is worth $11 billion in 2019, and will grow to over $14 billion in 2020 and 2021.

About the Modular Building Institute

MBIFounded in 1983, the Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving modular construction. Members are manufacturers, contractors, and dealers in two distinct segments of the industry – permanent modular and temporary modular. In addition, associate members are companies supplying building components, services, and financing. Above all, MBI strives to expand the use of offsite construction through innovative practices, outreach and education, and recognition.

Triumph Modular Sponsors Run to Home Base 2019

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Triumph at Run to Home Base

Proud to be a 10th Year Sponsor for Run to Home Base

On Saturday July 27th, 2019 Triumph Modular will again sponsor the Run to Home Base foot race at Fenway Park. We are proud to announce our 10th consecutive year as sponsors! Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is an organization that provides veterans with mental health services. Indeed, we love to help veterans through our sponsorship and support.

Read More

Google to Invest $1 Billion in Bay Area. What does this mean for Modular Housing?

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What Might the New Housing Units Look Like?

acton housing authority LEED Gold modular building projectGoogle plans to develop 15,000 housing units on company land within the next 10 years. Hence, time is of the essence. Modular is the most time efficient, cost efficient, and resource conscious way to build multi-unit housing. Regarding this, check out Triumph Modular’s housing development in Acton, Massachusetts. These spacious, semi-detached homes give the feeling of a comfortable suburban setting.Read More

Modular Innovation in Healthcare Spaces

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modular innnovation healthcare

Modular buildings are used Healthcare

The world of healthcare and medical facilities is driven by unprecedented demand. Born between 1946 and 1963, the Boomer generation is the largest cohort of Americans to reach old age. How must we provide adequate care for so many senior citizens? How can we decrease costs and make healthcare affordable for seniors, their families, and taxpayers?Read More

Can Modular Housing improve the Affordable Housing Shortage?

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modular building

Chicago-based construction firm opens new manufacturing facility to address the Affordable Housing Shortage.  Could this help Boston?

Last week, Skender opened their new facility in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. Located at 3348 S. Pulaski Road, the factory will produce modular affordable housing units. Why modular? This method ensures that all units are built under controlled factory conditions, away from unpredictable weather patterns. It increases quality and lowers waste. Therefore, one can create more housing at a price that is affordable to most. Read More

Aesthetics and Innovative Modular Buildings

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innovative modular

When it comes to modular buildings, most people think first about utility, speed, and cost savings. But what about aesthetics and innovative modular? Everyone is happier when they have a good looking building with the custom features they need. Hence, Triumph is Redefining Modular. We are reshaping the modular mindset, one visually stunning building at a time.

sprout space

Making Temporary Spaces Attractive with Modular

One of our proudest moments in modular innovation and construction was SproutSpace. In 2013, it was part of an exhibit on school buildings at the National Building Museum in DC. What makes the award-winning design stand out from other classroom spaces? Its adaptable configuration, energy conscious features that include passive rainwater collection and use of natural light vs electric lighting, and high air quality make it stand out from the pack. Best of all, the solar-ready butterfly roof and attractive green exterior panels make for a unique and visually appealing look.

innovative modular

Another Triumph achievement was our 2010 project for Harvard University. We designed, built, and installed a 5,700 sq ft childcare center in just six weeks. While this is a temporary modular building, it features alternating exterior panels in white and grey that look striking when lit up at night. Among its eco-friendly attributes are solar tube skylights to maximize natural light use and a white rubber roof that reflects solar heat. Furthermore, the building contains recycled materials for the interior walls and carpet tiles.

innovative modular

High-End Innovative Modular in Science

As we all know, the Boston area is one of the world’s hubs for scientific and technological achievement. Our universities are top-notch and need science laboratories of matching quality. Hence, we built the Wellesley College Temporary Science Center and were the contractors for the Harvard Pagliuca Life Lab. Built in only six months, Wellesley’s Science Center served as the base of their science learning and research operations while their permanent facility underwent renovations. Although this building was temporary, it met guidelines for Lab Biosafety Level 2. BSL-2 refers to spaces that exhibit specific controls for the containment of microbes & biological agents.

innovative modular

Indeed, modular lends itself so well to high-end science labs that Harvard University contracted with us to help construct their Pagliuca Life Labs. These labs allow students to explore and test their entrepreneurial ideas, and make scientific discoveries and inventions in a professional-grade wet lab.

If you are interested in learning more about getting a state-of-the-art modular building, click below:

Temporary Modular

Permanent Modular

Lean Construction and the Efficiency of Factory Built Buildings

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lean construction

At Triumph Modular, we pride ourselves in creating lean buildings to deliver maximum value to the customer. But, what are lean principles, and how can lean-constructed buildings help you save time and money? Lean starts with value, in the eye of the customer. It is a systematic method to reduce waste in manufacturing and construction, without sacrificing productivity. When Triumph uses lean construction principles, we deliver buildings with the specifications you want, in the time that you need it, and in prices that you can afford.

Time and Cost Efficiency

In 2017, one of our most challenging projects was constructing classroom additions to all four elementary schools in Chelmsford, MA. As the client wanted the buildings ready for occupancy by September 2017, we built all four simultaneously. To achieve this ambitious deadline, we started working on this project before summer vacation began.

Lean principles helped us meet the deadline because they forced us to cut all of the time-inefficiencies. Thus, we reduced lead times at all possible parts of the process.


From December 2017 to June 2018, we created a 32,000 sq ft, 41 module science center for Wellesley College. How did we achieve such a large scale building in only 6 months? We used lean thinking, and lean processes. Lean allows us to be flexible: we can change our plans if the owner changes their minds. In Wellesley’s case, they originally did not want laboratories but later decided they did want labs. In the end, we installed laboratories that met guidelines for Lab Biosafety Level 2.



Lean helps us achieve higher quality in our work. A traditional construction office consists of some simple mobile office trailers. However, our client WS Development wanted a state-of-the-art construction field office. We knew we could design and build a world-class office building on a fast schedule. Consisting of six modules, this two-story office has a row of three modules on the ground. On top sits another row of three modules. It has 2 conference rooms, an open area, 4 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 4 offices, and workstations.

Modular in Education: Portable Classrooms and Permanent Buildings

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chelmsford public schools

Modular buildings in education are quickly becoming a popular alternative to stick-built construction. Whether you need portable classrooms or a permanent building, modular is an attractive approach because it works. We deliver the results you want, within the budget you want, in or before the deadline.

portable classrooms
portable classrooms

Portable Schools

Portable classrooms and other buildings serve a crucial need in education. If you face constantly changing enrollment figures or tight budgets, choose modular. Similarly, if you have a permanent building under construction/renovation, a temporary modular serves as a great stopgap. With modular, you can have any type of building you want. Indeed, they can include classrooms, science labs, health centers, dorms, and administrative offices. Temporary modular is the most flexible way of planning for your school or university.

portable classrooms

Hybrid Buildings

Westfield State College is a great example of a “hybrid building”. Though a hybrid modular building like this one is temporary, its uniqueness comes from having features more common on permanent buildings. With brick exteriors and a ground-level entrance, it looks just like a permanent edifice. Thus, the exterior blends right into the surrounding area. As a result, it seems like a permanent part of the campus.

portable classrooms

Permanent Modular

Modular is not just for temporary buildings. Regarding permanent construction, it is cost effective, time efficient, and delivers building of the same quality as stick-built.  Like the aforementioned buildings, the Harvard Pagliuca laboratory is modular. Unlike the other buildings, it is also permanent. If you need a great building designed to exact specifications, and built with speed to occupancy, choose permanent modular.

For more information, click below and we will get in touch with you regarding your questions about modular classrooms.

Modular Classrooms