Triumph Modular Receives Trademark Renewal for “Redefining Modular”

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Redefining Modular Requires Redefining the Process

Five years ago Webster’s dictionary defined the word Modular as an “efficiency unit” or “relating to modules.” Today if you ask Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, each will define Modular as “a construction process where individual modules are built off site and connected together on site.” Or it may say “employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.” We can’t take direct credit for this improvement, but it is fair to say that we have played an important role in creating a greater shared understanding among a wider audience. In the last five years we have completed nearly twenty permanent projects as a CM at Risk using offsite construction. In the next five years, we aim to provide great clarity as to when and how modular construction should be used. We were one of the first companies, fifteen years ago, to start using the phrase Volumetric Modular Construction and Offsite Construction which has also been helpful for owners and contractors to define the differences between panelized versus modular.

A problem well defined, is a problem half solved. By defining Modular Construction as a unique process that is distinct from other forms of Prefabrication we hope to add value to the design community. Our ultimate goal in “Redefining” Modular is to deliver great value to our customers. This means honing in on the best practice to utilize this form of construction. The only way to add value, and to have people come to know offsite construction as an alternative form of constructing a building with more speed — and reliability that actually works! — is to also Redefine the process that enables this form of construction.

More on that in the next post…. Thanks for reading.

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Available Now: Northeastern “LightView” Building – 1280 sqft Ready For New Use

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modular buildings sale

Modular Building for Sale or Lease

The award-winning LightView Sales Center building is ready to “graduate” after serving Northeastern University for nearly two years. Not only is it willing to relocate, that’s part of its design.  Constructed from two volumetric modules, the 1,290 square foot building can be transported to any location. It can serve as a new office, clinic, daycare, retail or whatever you may need.  And, off course, it’s perfectly suited to serve again as a Sales Center or Leasing Office for a building that’s under construction.

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Learn why owners are choosing pre-fab due to time savings and sustainability points with Triumph’s President, Cliff Cort, at ABX.

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Cliff Cort, President of Triumph Modular, will be participating on a panel discussion about “The Next Generation of Sustainable Construction” at 8:30 am on November 7th at the Architecture Boston Show. Architecture Boston or “ABX” is the premier event for the design and construction industry in the northeast. Above all, ABX is a place to meet and network with other professionals involved in architecture and constructions.   ABX takes place at the Boston Convention Center on November 6th and 7th.


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Cliff will be joined by three other industry experts:


Donna Laquidara-Carr of Dodge Analytics on Sustainable Construction Donna Laquidara-Carr, PhD LEED API
Industry Insights Research Director
Dodge Data & Analytics


Brian McCaffrey of DPR on Sustainable Construction

Bryan McCaffrey
Project Executive/National Prefabrication Leader
DPR Construction


Matthew Steere of Autodesk on Sustainable ConstructionMatthew Steere, Construction Industry Strategist
Construction Industry Strategist
Autodesk Inc.


Topics the panel will address in this workshop include:

  • The connection between Lean practices and sustainability.
  • Opportunities to incorporate prefabrication as a sustainable strategy in projects.
  • The advantages of collaboration in early design as a sustainable strategy .
  • The implications of modular building, not only as part of their sustainable practice now, but as a trend disrupting traditional construction in the future.

In addition, Dodge Data & Analytics will present on sustainable construction through the lens of these practices. DPR will provide information on the specific sustainability benefits gained from implementing these practices, and how they believe they will evolve.

While you’re there, be sure to drop by Triumph’s booth — #448 — to learn more about the modular process, sustainable construction practices and recent projects including Wellesley College Science Center and many others.

Modular Construction Study by McKinsey & Company

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modular construction study

Modular construction study: Modular could scale to an industry that represents more than $100 billion in US and European real estate, delivering $20 billion in annual savings


modular construction

McKinsey & Company has recently published a 34 page modular construction study, Capital Projects and Infrastructure Modular construction: From projects to products. By Nick Bertram, Steffen Fuchs, Jan Mischke, Robert Palter, Gernot Strube, and Jonathan Woetzel.Read More

AIA Details Benefits of Modular and Features Triumph in Guide for Architects

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15,000 square-foot two-story Pagliuca Harvard Life Lab
Modular construction is a booming business. Whether you are looking to save time on a building project, save materials, or create a building to exacting standards, modular is the way to go. That’s why we were thrilled when the American Institute of Architects released their Modular and Off-Site Construction Guide. The AIA resource is free and available to download, and goes over the different benefits and aspects of modular construction. To say the least, it is a great overview of the major steps of the modular method from concept to post-assembly.

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OSHA National Safe + Sound Week | August 12-18, 2019

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safe + sound week
August 12-18 is OSHA Safe + Sound Week. It is a nationwide event to recognize and raise awareness of workplace health and safety standards. In honor of this week, Triumph Modular has been holding daily safety briefings. In fact, to facilitate more ideas and dialogue, we have included cross-functional teams in our meetings. This means our admin team and ops team work together to go over safety procedures, and bring up current issues and ideas.

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MBI 2019 Report: New Release

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MBI 2019 Report
On Wednesday, the Modular Building Institute released the all new MBI 2019 Report. This report is the industry’s most comprehensive collection of research and findings on permanent modular and relocatable modular buildings. Besides providing an overview of the modular construction industry, it also features in-depth analysis on the U.S., Canadian, and international markets.

We would like to thank MBI for featuring us in their overview of the modular industry and in the relocatable building section. Below, check out our feature photo from the MBI 2019 Report:

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Triumph Modular Sponsors Run to Home Base 2019

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Triumph at Run to Home Base

Proud to be a 10th Year Sponsor for Run to Home Base

On Saturday July 27th, 2019 Triumph Modular will again sponsor the Run to Home Base foot race at Fenway Park. We are proud to announce our 10th consecutive year as sponsors! Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program, is an organization that provides veterans with mental health services. Indeed, we love to help veterans through our sponsorship and support.

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