Cost Considerations When Renting (or Buying) a Mobile Office Trailer

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Updated on 4/13/2023

Anytime we make a new purchase, what’s the first thing we evaluate? 

Chances are good that it’s the cost of the item or service 

We always want to ensure that we get the maximum value for our investment—and leasing or buying a mobile office trailer is no different.

Mobile office trailer rental and purchase costs depend on a variety of factors. Here’s what you need to know.

Trailer Size

Mobile office trailer companies typically offer a wide range of trailer sizes, and your selection will depend on your industry and individual needs.

As a rule of thumb, the larger the trailer, the more it costs to rent. For example, an 8’ x 20’ office trailer will cost more to rent than a 12’ x 64’ trailer.

Intended Use

The intended use of the office trailer may also influence the monthly pricing.

A construction office for a job site will be less expensive than a sales office needed for a car dealership.

Trailers used as a business office may require a bathroom, while a construction job site may have porta-potties available for the crew. Office trailers are coded by building authorities for specific use cases, and this can influence the price, since certain buildings may require additional certifications or different equipment by law. Expect to pay more for some business-coded office trailers or classroom trailers coded for educational use. Any public-facing trailer will have more coding requirements than a job site trailer when you consider accessible restrooms, ramps, and other conveniences for the public.

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Rental Duration

While this only applies to leasing a mobile office trailer, it’s worth mentioning that the duration of your lease affects what you pay monthly.

Like any other industry, supply and demand factors in when determining price. If there is less demand for a particular size trailer, you may see a price fluctuate downward to ensure that customers will quickly rent the office trailer. Conversely, prices may rise if a specific trailer size is scarce or in demand. Rental companies consider the utilization of their fleet in calculating the monthly rates.

Supply Chain issues and rising materials and labor costs will also affect your lease rate. Rental companies are paying significantly more money to build trailers at the factory versus a few years ago.

Remanufacturing costs have also risen. When an office trailer comes off rent, Triumph Modular returns it to a high standard before customers can rent it again. Typical tasks include repairing walls and floors, interior and exterior painting, and general maintenance on the trailer. In some cases, we take the office trailer down to the studs to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. Naturally, the increase in these costs will be passed on to the customer as reflected in the monthly lease rate.

A longer lease term can help avoid some of this price turbulence. Locking in for a six-month or a 12-month lease term will be more cost-effective than going month-to-month with your rental.

Rental Location

Mobile office trailers delivered to your chosen location. This process also has a cost that you’ll need to consider.

Naturally, your costs will increase the farther your location is away from the mobile office trailer company.
Transportation costs will also differ depending on the size of the office. Delivery within 25 miles of your destination for an 8’ wide trailer could be half the delivery cost of a 12’ wide. Finding a company with a branch or drop yard near your delivery destination will help keep costs lower versus using a company further away.

Something else to consider is whether the rental company delivers in-state or out-of-state. Each state has highway permit fees to be paid. Escorts and flaggers may also be required depending on the size of the delivered trailer. For example, a 12-wide office trailer will need an escort on the highway.

For example, if you are transporting to a city like Boston, MA, expect to pay more for these related transportation costs. Anyone that has driven in Boston knows that navigating the tight, heavily congested streets with a large vehicle requires some 3rd party assistance. Boston also requires a City of Boston permit, a route survey, and a police escort for 10’ and 12’ wide office trailers. These required services can add hundreds of dollars to both the delivery and return freight once the lease ends.

Finally, if your delivery needs to be made to an island, there will also be fees for a ferry and additional time required by the delivery drivers.


Once the office trailer is delivered, it must be set up and installed. Expect to pay one-time fees for blocking and leveling the mobile office.  You will also be charged knockdown fees for when the trailer comes back at the end of the lease. 

It may also be a good idea to tie down and anchor your office trailer – especially if you are in an area with high winds. Talk to a sales representative about how many tie-downs you need for your office trailer size and environment.


Depending on the company you choose, you might have some extras to choose from for your new office trailers, such as steps, ramps, or premium furniture.

Mobile office trailers will not provide ground-level access for entry. Consider the options you will need to enter the trailer—does your office trailer have one or two doors? Will you need an ADA Ramp, or will steps be the best option? Many North and East Coast customers opt for the Business Entry Solution, a combination step and canopy system, to help shield their employees and visitors from the snow and rain while entering the office trailer. A roof over the steps can be beneficial in keeping your visitors safe. If the office trailer is located on a construction site, a boot brush and a rubber mat are must-haves to keep the inside of the trailer clean. Workers can clean off their boots before entry.

Security screens and door bars are other options to consider adding to your rental order. The Security Solution will provide peace of mind that the valuable contents in your office trailer will be protected.

Most importantly, furniture rental items are the add-on that will save you the most time getting your office ready for use. Triumph Modular has The Solutions, which includes a variety of necessities for creating a working office. We can provide desks, chairs, a conference room table, and all items needed to create a coffee bar or a breakroom for your team. You can even add an Air Purification Solution to ensure your team has fresh air circulating through the office.

Understanding Cost Factors is Important When Buying or Leasing a Mobile Office Trailer

Before you decide, we want to ensure that you’re well-informed about the different factors to consider.

Everything from the size of your trailer to the installation process needs to be considered when looking at mobile office trailers. Choosing the correct office trailer also depends on how much space your site has, how many people will occupy the office trailer, and how long the mobile office trailer is needed. By understanding these factors, you’ll be able to make a sound decision about whether or not a mobile office trailer is right for you, what size to choose, and whether buying or renting is the correct option.

Are You Ready for a Mobile Office Trailer?

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