Modular Construction and Environmental Benefits

Modular Construction Environmental Benefits

We would like to explore the environmental benefits of modular construction.  In a recent article by Jess Shanahan of Construction Global, one of the largest sources of waste is from the construction industry, it’s estimated that 25 to 40% of solid waste in the USA is from construction and demolition, with only 20% being recycled.

Generally, a new building project produces an average of 1.7kg (3.9lbs) of waste per square foot. However, with the introduction of modular construction, these figures are going down.

Individual modules are fabricated off-site using traditional assembly line methods. In this environment the waste can be managed more effectively, it also reduces the waste associated with bad weather and construction site thefts.

Modular buildings are also designed to be taken apart rather than demolished. Again, this helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill as the modules can simply be reused. While there are some modular buildings designed for permanent use, many businesses still rely on these for temporary structures.

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