Custom Commercial Modular Housing

Custom modular housing allows builders to completely customize the site plans and floor plans. Before the prefabrication process, you’ll work with an architect to design all of your own plans.

Examples of Custom Modular Housing Projects

LexHAB “Farmview”


Completed in August of 2020, “Farmview,” an affordable housing project, was a joint project between LexHAB and Triumph Modular. In the winter of 2019, LexHAB came to Triumph Modular with fully developed plans intended to design, bid, and build two beautiful buildings (six units total) for affordable housing adjacent to farmland in Lexington. The project consists of two colonial-style structures designed to blend aesthetically into the deeply rooted rural and agricultural community, with three residences inside each of the colonial-style homes.


Acton Housing Authority


Acton’s project consists of six two-story buildings containing twelve affordable housing units for the Acton Housing Authority. Designed with sustainability in mind, this modular housing project had an original goal of achieving LEED for Homes Silver Certification. Through design recommendations by Triumph Modular’s construction services staff and the A&E design team coupled with modular construction methods which minimized waste through material efficiency, the project was able to achieve a LEED Gold Certification. This is further proof that green modular construction can be affordable.


Nantucket Islands Land Bank, Miacomet Golf Course Dormitory


The Nantucket Islands Land Bank Miacomet Golf Course Dormitory was specifically customized to provide the perfect housing space for a golf course. Though it was a significant logistical challenge to transport the 10 modules required. Triumph Modular managed to deliver a dormitory featuring a shared common space, kitchen, living and dining room, and laundry facility. The building is also on a full foundation and features 3,857 square feet of space.

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