Custom Modular Housing

With Custom Modular Housing, the site plans and floor plans are completely customizable. You would work with an architect to design your own plans prior to the prefabrication process.

Here are a few examples of Triumph’s Custom projects:


Architectural Effectiveness

LexHAB “Farmview”, an affordable housing project, was completed by LexHAB, designer Colin Smith, and builder Triumph Modular Inc in August of 2020. In the winter of 2019, Colin came to Triumph Modular with fully developed plans intended to design, bid, and build – traditional project procurement and delivery – two beautiful buildings (six units total) for affordable housing adjacent to farm land in Lexington.


Acton Housing Authority


Acton’s project consists of six two-story buildings containing twelve living units to be utilized as affordable housing for the Housing Authority. Designed with sustainability in mind, the modular construction project had an original goal of achieving LEED for Homes Silver Certification. Through design recommendations by Triumph construction services staff and the A&E design team coupled with modular construction methods which minimized waste through material efficiency, the project was able to achieve a LEED Gold Certification. This is further proof that green modular construction can be affordable.




The Nantucket Islands Land Bank, Miacomet Golf Course Dormitory was specifically customized to suit the needs of the required space.




  • Shared common space, kitchen, living/dining and laundry facility
  • Historic commission approved design
  • On full foundation
  • Significant logistical challenge to transport modules by barge to the island


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