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Why Modular for Student Housing?

Student Housing Design and Construction is evolving rapidly, driven by new approaches and technologies that can deliver on the promises of mass production and customization – speed, quality control, predictability, and cost-effectiveness.

At the same time schools want to meet changing student expectations, higher levels of building performance, and increased construction speed and cost-effectiveness.

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The Triumph Design-Build Team Offers Innovative Modular Solutions

Our industry experts can deliver:

• Significant reductions in project design and construction timeframes and site disruptions
• High quality, high-performance building designs that take advantage of new technologies and meet the evolving needs of students and schools.
• Data and information for faster feasibility and entitlement decision-making
• Effective management of the modular design and integration process
• Improved cost and schedule predictability and certainty

modules set in place with a crane

The Triumph Design-Build Team Solution: 5 Key Elements

1. The modular construction process provides for improvements in speed and quality while minimizing disruption.
2. A highly integrated and creative team with in-depth experience and expertise with housing, modular design and construction, and effective project delivery.
3. A library of standardized, predesigned, pre-engineered Student Housing Modules and Components that are designed for effective manufacturing and on-site assembly. The Modules can be customized and assembled to meet client needs while retaining the benefits of mass production.
4. Building systems that can deliver high levels of energy efficiency, healthy air, sustainable materials, security, and control.
5. A Design/Build management format that integrates the team with one point of contact and accountability for the client.

modular vs. traditional for student housing

Interested in learning more about modular construction?

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