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This high-quality, portable container office provides a convenient solution for relocatable offices at any business or job site. Brand new arrivals in our fleet, ready now for delivery to your location.

Note: Dimensions, and door & window locations shown are nominal. Actual dimensions, layout, and roof slope may vary depending on model or model year selected.

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8″ x 20″ Office Container – Steel

This high-quality, portable 8 X 20-foot office container provides a convenient solution for relocatable offices at any business or job site.

  • 160 square feet of open office space provides generous office space for up to four people.
  • Our 20′ container offices are completely insulated and come with baseboard heating and wall
    mounted air conditioning unit to provide a comfortable work environment.
  • Heavyweight corrugated steel sides and roof for reinforced security and durability.
  • Sturdy VCT Tile flooring is ready for your storage needs.
  • Ground level access eliminates the need for stairs, ramps, and skirting.
  • Horizontal sliding windows with insect screens and security bars for added security.

Carries a payload of up to 62,391 lb and has a total capacity of 1,165 cubic feet. It measures 20′ x 8′ x 8.6′.

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  • 1 Thru-Wall AC Unit Electric, 60 Amp Single Phase Breaker Panel, Baseboard Heat, and AC, Fluorescent Ceiling Lights


  • Reinforced Corrugated | Steel Security Package

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