When Is Permanent Modular a Good Fit?

Consider modular…

When speed matters

When limited site disruption matters

When innovation matters

Evaluate Your Readiness for Modular Construction

Triumph works with many property owners who are considering if modular construction is right for them. The process is unique and involves building large portions of a commercial building off-site and stitching together on-site, saving time and promising efficiency. But is it right for every project? More importantly, is it right for your project?

After twenty years of practice, we have developed a few questions that can help facilitate a conversation and provide guidance. Can owners save money, time, or both? Will they sacrifice quality or be asked too much in the way of design alterations?

Triumph Modular offers a survey to evaluate your readiness to move ahead with modular construction.

Critical Success Factors for Modular Construction

  • Intensive early research by owners
  • Transfer of knowledge by a modular provider with relevant experience
  • Design-build or construction management forms of contracting
  • Choice of manufacturer early in the schematic phase
  • Architect works in close coordination with modular expert
  • Pull subs and engineers into design process
  • Design freeze and faster approvals by owner