Available Inventory

20 modular classrooms

Available January 2021

Contact Triumph today to see how we can help you customize this space, or a portion of this space, for your needs. Uses include classrooms, offices, testing/screening, check-in & more.

Call Lisa Newell at 978-606-7423


Featured Previous Classrooms Sold


2-Plex Classroom

2 piece modular of 900 sq ft.  1 Large open area.

2-Plex Classroom

2 piece modular of 1440 sq ft. Large open area and two classrooms in inventory.

5 Plex Classroom

5 piece modular of 3600 sq foot, four classrooms in inventory.

7-Plex Classroom

7 piece modular of 6860 sq ft. Each module is 14′ x 70′. Four classrooms and two break-out spaces in inventory.

18-Plex Classroom

18 piece modular of 17640 sq feet. Fifteen classrooms in inventory.

Our inventory changes daily, please contact a representative at 978-431-1000 and find out what is available in your local area.