Google to Invest $1 Billion in Bay Area. What does this mean for Modular Housing?

What Might the New Housing Units Look Like?acton housing authority LEED Gold modular building project Google plans to develop 15,000 housing units on company land within the next 10 years. Hence, time is of the essence. Modular is the most time-efficient, cost-efficient, and resource-conscious way to build multi-unit housing. Regarding this, check out Triumph Modular’s housing development in Acton, Massachusetts. These spacious, semi-detached homes give the feeling of a comfortable suburban setting.

Additionally, Google will invest money in 5,000 housing units all across the Bay Area, creating further demand for modular construction. How Can Modular Methods Help Create Affordable Housing Across America?modular housing As the 21st century goes on, the American economy continues to concentrate in urban technology hubs. Jobseekers flock to cities like San Francisco or Boston yet the supply of housing stagnates. Consequently, building modular multi-unit housing is more urgent than ever. The image on the right depicts an affordable housing development in a traditionally unaffordable town, Newton, Massachusetts. Every expensive metro area in America can benefit from affordable housing through modular construction.

In conclusion, Google’s new $1 billion housing initiative is great news for people who need housing. Indeed, modular affordable housing benefits everyone: regular individuals and the companies who employ them.