LexHAB Farmview

Architectural Effectiveness

LexHAB “Farmview”, an affordable housing project, was completed by LexHAB, designer Colin Smith, and builder Triumph Modular Inc in August of 2020. In the winter of 2019, Colin came to Triumph Modular with fully developed plans intended to design, bid, and build – traditional project procurement and delivery – two beautiful buildings (six units total) for affordable housing adjacent to farmland in Lexington. Forced to look at savings due to budget constraints, he explored a modular approach.

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Reviewing the design with Triumph Modular, he was able to adapt the project to the modular framework and ultimately save the town money on their previous planning. Triumph and factory partner KBS Building Systems tweaked plans consistent with the needs of the manufacturing process and LexHAB was completed on time and on budget. In 8 months the project was ready to welcome its first families into their new ‘farm view’ homes.

Bucolic and Affordable Housing

The project consists of two colonial-style structures designed to blend into the deeply rooted rural and agricultural community. Each colonial-style home has three residences. All of the units will be included in Town’s subsidized housing inventory. The process included a period of public engagement and review. Architect Colin Smith, also a resident of Lexington, researched using off-site or modular construction given the desire to limit overall site disruption of the neighboring operating farm as well as budget considerations.

For Colin, LexHAB ownership and its board, Triumph Modular, and KBS builders, the project represents a source of pride. The team worked very well together through many of the typical challenges of construction. Ultimately, the project met or exceeded all parties’ intended outcomes for the project. These stunning, and sustainable residential buildings now make an important contribution to the Lexington community for many years to come.