Mobile Office Furniture Rental Program – Triumph Modular Introduces “The Solutions”

photo of furniture options for mobile offices

Redefining Modular with The Solutions

Triumph Modular is raising the bar on the products and services we offer to our customers. The Solutions provide functional, practical furniture and accessories for rent with our mobile office trailers. We’ve upgraded our trailers by removing the built-in furniture confining you to a specific layout. Replacing those immovable desks, file cabinets, and drop-down planning tables with modern furniture allows you to design the layout of your space to suit your individual needs.

Making Furniture Rental Easier

We’ve done our homework to bring our customers the best quality and price for all the items included in The Solutions. Each solution is designed for fit, comfort, and functionality. Plus, we’ve thought of all the details.  We include convenience or office kits with many of our solutions. Each kit provides the basics like pens, graph paper, trash bags, and coffee supplies – all designed to get your mobile office in working condition from the day it is set.

We’re saving you the time to focus productivity on other aspects of your project. Taking the guesswork out of supply chain shortages or dealing with multiple vendors – all of the products you rent come directly from us. Our highly skilled team will deliver all of your solutions with your trailer and take care of the setup. When the job is done, we pick everything up, alleviating the need to figure out storage in between jobs. Because billing can be overwhelming with other companies, we have streamlined the process and eliminated multiple invoices. Any solution leased will be included on your trailer bill.

Imagining The Solutions Inside an Office Trailer

Express Breakroom Solution
The Express Office Solution combined with The Express Breakroom Solution in an 8’x24′ mobile office trailer.

For an 8’ x 24’ mobile office trailer, our Express Office and Breakroom Solutions are a great place to start. The Office Solution includes a comfortable leather executive chair, two stackable chairs, a file cabinet, and a small trash can. Additionally, a whiteboard/corkboard combo, a desk calendar, Triumph Modular branded pens, and paper are included to get you organized. The Breakroom Solution includes six highly durable folding chairs and a six-foot table. Not forgetting the amenities of a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker to keep your team fueled for their day.

One of our most popular mobile office trailer sizes is a 12’ x 64’. A spacious 720 square feet interior provides the ability to choose from multiple combinations of our solutions. For example, for construction companies who need privacy for their project managers and job supervisors, while providing a common area for a busy meeting schedule, our Business Office and Conference Solutions fulfill both of those needs.

Business Bistro Solution
The Business Bistro Solution.

The Business Office Solution comes with an L-shaped desk and two file cabinets that fit perfectly underneath to provide ample storage for a generous workspace in each office. The square footage in each office is large enough to accommodate two of these solutions with room to move around.

A meeting area with your team or guests is solved with the Business Conference Solution. Eight high back executive leather chairs create a sleek, professional aesthetic. There won’t be an issue accommodating the eight-foot conference table because we’ve measured all of our furniture to fit. Additionally, two 60” whiteboards provide the space to brainstorm during meetings. Our Business Bistro Solution rounds out this common area, giving you the ability to serve coffee, store food in a full-sized fridge, and heat things up in a microwave.

Office and Conference Solutions
A 12′ x 64′ mobile office trailer showing four Business Office Solutions, a Business Conference Room Solution, and a Business Bistro Solution.

The Solutions are your one-stop-shop for completing all of your mobile office furniture needs. We are saving you the time, money, and stress to continue our commitment to superior customer service. Triumph Modular is here to Redefine Modular from the outside in. Contact one of our expert sales team members for more information and see The Solutions webpage.