Temporary vs Permanent Modular Classrooms: What’s the Difference?

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Permanent Versus Modular Classrooms

The differences between temporary and permanent modular classrooms are becoming fewer.  As designs of temporary buildings are becoming more inspired, and, quite frankly, much better than modular classroom “trailers” of the past, it’s harder to tell when a building doesn’t make the grade for a twenty, thirty, or sixty year use. Still, Modular buildings can be a relatively inexpensive method for expanding an existing structure or being utilized as a standalone solution when short-term space is needed. The type of modular classroom and cost point you choose should, and will, naturally coincide with your budget and your needs for fit, finish, look, and feel of the existing buildings and culture of your campus. Whether you choose a temporary or permanent system, we believe that there will be time and money savings compared to conventional process, especially since modular buildings are built in a NON weather-exposed factory environment and are constructed at the same time as the foundations. The concurrency of these activities inevitably prompts accelerated construction schedules in comparison to conventional construction.

Budget is often driven by the building purpose. There is a modular building price point that is right for nearly every intention. What our clients typically overcome first is the perception that modular means temporary and of inferior quality. This is just not true.

It is true that in certain situations, like short-term disaster relief, there are limited design and layout choices when it comes to temporary modular buildings. This is to keep the cost down.

With permanent modular buildings, the construction design possibilities are nearly endless.

If your business requires ease of location, a temporary modular building is a smart route since they’re durable enough to withstand several rounds of installation and relocation. A permanent modular building is built with the intent of never relocating elsewhere and its costs should be comparative to that of conventional, stick-built construction.

Due to the redefining of modular in architecture, engineering, and construction, it is important to speak to people who can provide examples and case studies of different building types procured at different price points.  You should know what you can afford and what you’re getting for your money.

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