Temporary Modular Student Housing

Several times a year we hear from prospective clients asking for an affordable and high quality “temporary” modular system of student housing. Whether due to spikes in enrollment, continuing construction projects on campus, or simply the unknowns of long term housing planning, school officials are often in a bind. Triumph Modular is always here to help our clients explore different solutions.

We worked with one of our modular student housing manufacturers to arrive at a cost-effective, yet high quality and environmentally friendly solution to a housing shortage on campus.

Pictured is a two-bathroom quad suite, perfect for upperclassmen and graduate students. This configuration would also be high-end accommodation for first-year students.  The intent behind this system is to provide immediate temporary and intermediate-term solutions for a college or boarding school. All of Triumph’s housing units are pre-designed and have a fixed cost. In addition, Triumph provides a consistent system of installation that allows us to arrive at a settled cost relatively quickly. We believe this is the most affordable relocatable housing solution we have designed in our history.

At Triumph Modular we are also a design builder of permanent housing. For more information please visit our Permanent Modular Housing Page on our web site.

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