Educational Sector

Schools today face many different challenges, such as increased enrollment, aging facilities, and shifting classroom needs.

Triumph Modular offers accessible and cost-effective solutions for schools that need portable or permanent classrooms. Our prefabricated school buildings are available in custom sizes and are available for lease, purchase, or on a lease-to-purchase basis.

Temporary Modular Buildings

Temporary modular buildings for the education sector offer quick, flexible, cost-effective solutions to changing demographics and increasing enrollment. Their unique ability to relocate makes them an excellent investment for schools, and they can be suited to your budget by choosing standard-grade buildings, high-performance sustainable buildings, or buildings that fall somewhere in between.

Learn more about leasing temporary modular classroom buildings here.

Permanent Modular Construction

An alternative to conventional construction, permanent modular buildings save time and are often more cost-effective, safer, and more predictable—all great benefits for the educational sector. Custom-designed prefab building “modules” are built in a factory, transported, and assembled on-site, moving construction away from the site and significantly reducing the site impact.

Learn more about permanent modular classroom buildings here.

STEM-Related Construction

STEM-Related Facilities are essential for all schools to provide training in science, technology, engineering, and math. Triumph Modular has extensive experience creating labs, innovation spaces, play spaces, and art facilities to encourage this type of learning.

Looking For a Modular Classroom Building?

Triumph Modular can help you get the right modular building to suit your needs—whether you’re looking to lease or purchase. Reach out to us today and our modular experts will set you up.