Permanent Custom Modular Schools

Permanent custom modular schools allow the education sector to acquire buildings that suit their ever-changing needs. At Triumph Modular, our designs fulfill faculty and student requirements and provide inventive spaces that inspire learning.

Modular construction is, in many cases, an excellent alternative to conventional school buildings. Open expanses, collaborative spaces, natural light, sustainable design, and the latest in materials and systems are all possible using modular construction methods.

Why Permanent Custom Modular Schools?

COST PREDICTABILITY: Modular construction for permanent buildings is an effective solution to control construction costs. While prices are generally similar to stick-built, off-site construction adds predictability, reduces change orders, and increases speed to completion.

TIME SAVINGS: The modular construction method allows for an accelerated time frame and faster occupancy for schools that need space fast. With modular buildings, the total time from conception to completion of a new building can be as little as six to eight months.

QUALITY: We build prefabricated building components in a controlled environment, outside of the rain and weather, and use well-thought-out building practices that help produce the best possible buildings to suit your needs.

ENVIRONMENT: Modular construction is inherently green and environmentally friendly. Modular processes include the procurement of materials in bulk, reusing construction waste in-factory whenever possible, and lessening the impact on the surrounding environment on-site.

HEALTH: In the permanent modular process, design teams incorporate features like mold-resistant drywall, improved ventilation systems, and natural lighting. This promotes a healthy environment, reduction of allergies, and maximization of occupant health.

ADAPTABILITY: Modular buildings can be more flexible than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. The space can change seamlessly as your needs change. As long as things are planned out in the design phase, modular can provide custom interior finishes, layouts, fixtures, hardware, and anything else you need to make the most of your space.

Our buildings are built to meet your specific design requirements and material specifications with no sacrifice in quality. Triumph’s experienced team can help you get the building you need in record time.

Read testimonials from our past clients:

It has been an amazing experience to watch your team create a modern 40,000 SF school in what, weeks before, was a parking lot. Your team made look effortless what was not. Your subcontractors performed everything asked of them without hesitation. And the responsiveness has continued as we iron out the minor wrinkles that come with any new facility.





Triumph Modular can help you get the right modular building to suit your needs—whether you’re looking to lease or purchase. Reach out to us today and our modular experts will set you up.