Bath Iron Works

Bath Iron Works (BIW) founded in 1884 is a major American shipyard of national historic significance located on the Kennebec River in Bath, Maine. The shipyard has built and designed battleships, cruisers, and destroyers, which are currently among the world’s most advanced warships. During World War II, ships built at BIW were considered by sailors and Navy officials to be of superior toughness, giving rise to the phrase “Bath-built is best-built.”

Since 1995, Bath Iron Works has been a subsidiary of General Dynamics. The shipyard is a sprawling complex made up of both small materials handling facilities and fabrication shops and huge transfer facilities and support centers that hold ships in excess of 1000 tons. Modernization in production methods is resulting in large facility changes and modular buildings were sought out to minimize building construction on site and to have improved facilities of quality design but on a fast time frame.
Triumph worked with the client to make choices that would result in a quality building that could be delivered and set up on-site almost literally “in record time”.