Cambridge Hospital

One of the more challenging projects undertaken by Triumph Modular was a state-of-the-art digital mammography center and on-call hospital physician’s suite for Cambridge Hospital Custom Modular Center. What made the Cambridge Hospital project so unique was the final installation process of the modular center.

The entire facility, comprised of 14 modules ranging from 12’x10′ to 14’x36′ units, was assembled off-site and trucked to the hospital. The assembled building was craned into the courtyard – lifted over the existing four-story and six-story hospital buildings with approximately 6 inches to spare on all four sides. Trellis grating was installed over many areas of the exterior cladding so ivy and vines would grow over the surface, providing a covering of “green” for a garden-like setting for staff and patients looking out the windows of the existing hospital. There was no disruption to ongoing hospital operations during the process. The preparation work on the courtyard site was done quickly and with minimal fuss, and the final “drop-in” installation was completed in a single day.

The Cambridge Hospital mammography center was operational at least six months earlier than expected, thanks to the accelerated construction schedule made possible through Triumph’s modular construction process.