ESPN Broadcast Village

In 2015, ESPN took over the broadcast rights for the US Open tennis tournament. The USTA has been running our nation’s largest tennis outing since 1920. ESPN wanted new facilities that would meet their needs to provide its world-class brand of coverage of the event. They chose Triumph Modular in 2015 for a multi-year engagement.

The requirements of putting on this “show” are intense, relative to the schedule and the overall gravity of the production. The ESPN Broadcast Village started with a 2 story broadcast media complex of 15,000 sq. and a single-story building of 8000 square feet. The needs of this client, and that of its host in Flushing NY, the USTA, are ever-changing and dynamic. The electrical and mechanical requirements for the facilities broadcast media are highly specialized and complex requiring a most effective team, and collaborative efforts to accomplish the project goals. Triumph Modular is thankful to ESPN and the USTA for making us a part of the broadcast.