Grafton Middle School

Triumph used a thin brick façade for the Grafton Middle School modular addition to visually match the existing school building. The modular addition was connected to the existing school building for easy student access between the main building and new modular classrooms. This project is unique because it was built on a permanent foundation on a sloping hill. The steep foundation walls keep the permanent modular school level with the existing Middle School building while preserving the natural surroundings of the school’s campus.

The Grafton Middle School addition features several sustainable features as well. The building’s upgraded Bard Quiet II HVAC system is integrated with sensors that continuously monitor and control indoor CO2 levels while demonstrating a quantifiable reduction in energy use and carbon emissions. Sun tunnels were installed to enhance the natural lighting in the space.

The building’s high albedo white rubber roof reflects solar heat lowering energy use and reduces the heat island effect of the building’s roof on the ecosystem in the immediate vicinity of the building. The Grafton Middle School addition took just 3 months from commencement to completion.