Temporary Modular Classrooms Addition

Lynn Public School District faced a significant challenge in accommodating the growing high school student population. To address this issue, they decided to expand Lynn English High School by adding modular units to an existing modular structure. Triumph Modular was selected as the preferred vendor due to their expertise, competitive pricing, and adherence to the precise specifications required for this project.

To make the new modular units match the existing three-year-old classroom building, four modules were added to each end of the building. Triumph Modular carefully planned the exterior and interior of the units to ensure consistency. The interior features include windows on each side for ample natural light and 9-foot ceilings to create an open classroom atmosphere. Additional features include new data points, increased Wi-Fi access, and motion sensing lighting throughout the buildings. Whiteboards were installed in all new and existing classrooms, and security cameras were added as an extra safety measure for the school.

The school opted for rubber tiles for the interior flooring throughout the hallway and new classrooms, which reduce the number of janitorial services needed and increase the floor’s longevity. The reconfiguration of the parking lot was also necessary to account for the loss of spots due to the buildings. Triumph Modular installed a wooden guardrail around the perimeter of the building for added safety.

The modular units were built off-site, minimizing disruptions to the school’s daily operations and ensuring a faster construction timeline. The project was completed within budget and on time, providing the school with a much-needed space that meets the needs of the growing student population. Lynn English High School’s expansion is a great model for other schools facing similar challenges and looking for sustainable, time-saving solutions to space constraints.