Biotech Two-Story Modular Office Space Expansion

Temporary Modular Construction

Our client is a biotechnology company that is integral in the worldwide fight against many diseases. Due to expanding need for their products and services, our client needed to relocate their manufacturing support office staff to facilitate the renovation and expansion of the manufacturing floor space. The limited footprint at their campus necessitated a two-story modular building to allow the client to maximize their occupancy.

Using our Silverline Building System standard specification, we created a space with large Energy Star rated Marvin Essential windows, Bard wall-mounted HVAC units that maximize fresh air ventilation, and a galvalume corrugated metal siding. The building features open office space, multiple huddle rooms and conference rooms, a kitchenette on each floor, and men’s and ladies’ rooms on each floor. An open atrium stairwell connected the two floors.

The primary advantage that was gained by using modular was a limited site disruption. Trucks and deliveries were able to continue at the facility like normal. We were able to work around the existing manufacturing facility to ensure that their operations continued without delays. We installed high-performing HVAC units with ERV, Low Ambient Controls, Merv13 filters, and Dehumidifier options.

Why modular? A solution for rapid expansion

A rapid expansion created the need for our client to relocate some of their office staff to help accommodate the renovation of their manufacturing floor space. They decided to build a two-story office building because of their campus’s limited amount of space. Parking Lot space was used as the location for the new buildings, and the option to build two stories allowed our client to preserve additional parking spaces for their expanding workforce.

Modular construction using our pre-designed Silverline Building System would supply office space in half the time of a traditional construction project. The modules were stacked seven over seven, allowing the new space to accommodate 150 employees. We created 13,000 square feet of office space. The project took only 176 days to complete and enabled our client to occupy a new workspace without sacrificing quality or work comfort.

Limit Site Disruption

A second goal was to limit site disruption so the existing manufacturing facility could continue without delays. Off-site construction presented us with the opportunity to complete 75% of the building at Whitley Manufacturing’s factory. The buildings were set in just two days, which allowed trucks and deliveries to continue at the facility like usual.

A Healthy Workspace for Employees

Our client wanted to ensure a workspace that promotes a healthy environment where employees feel comfortable spending time. We upgraded the HVAC system used in a typical office space and created modular buildings with large windows and glass entry doors. The large windows provide abundant natural light while also offering an aesthetic not seen in a typical modular building. The HVAC system supplies fresh air changes every 15 minutes in each building.