The Parkhurst Elementary School in Winchester, MA, has recently undergone an expansion of 13,074 square feet. Due to renovations at the neighboring Lynch School, students were temporarily relocated to Parkhurst. Modular construction was chosen as the preferred method to accommodate the influx of students and prepare for the start of the 2023-2024 school year.

Lynch Elementary School at Parkhurst serves 466 students from kindergarten to grade five. The newly added space includes 15 modules set in the old faculty parking lot. The modular classrooms were strategically placed to ensure compliance with state codes and to maximize available space. Each classroom is spacious and equipped with motion-sensing lights and conduits to install the necessary tech for the teachers. To ensure staff comfort, the design includes two faculty restrooms, multi-stall boys’ and girl’s bathrooms. The original RFP proposed an aluminum ramp to connect to the new parking lot, but Triumph Modular proposed a redesign that included an asphalt walkway with a gentler incline. This new walkway leads to a larger parking lot for staff and buses, with a designated drop-off area for the students. Subcontractors installed black powder-coated steel handrails on the aluminum decking, creating a seamless transition between the asphalt and the ramp while maintaining ADA compliance.

Despite challenges such as the unusually rainy summer season and the removal of a large amount of ledge from the site of the new parking lot, the project was completed on time and within budget. Triumph Modular’s expertise and ingenuity, as well as careful planning and logistical mapping, ensured that the project was a success. The town administrators were highly collaborative and worked with us when issues arose during the project.

The success of this project was made possible due to open communication with the municipalities and neighbors. Triumph Modular is proud to have been a part of the Winchester community and provided the children of Lynch Elementary School at Parkhurst with a safe and quality learning space for the next two years.