USTA 2-Story Broadcast Center

A two-story, ten-module, 7,200 sq ft broadcast center for the US Open was installed in the shadows of the Met’s Baseball Stadium in just five days. The center was designed to house major sports television broadcasters such as NBC, NESN, and ESPN. Logistics were a huge factor in this installation due to city ordinances, the Met’s Baseball schedule, and the need to have the installation done quickly. Custom-fabricated two-story exterior stairs and decking with a covered metal canopy were installed to protect people and equipment. Interior demountable partitions were designed to match the unit interior and be disassembled into storable units by general maintenance personnel. This allowed the different networks to rework the office layouts to their liking. The partitions were designed to include a sliding pocket door capable of being placed at various or multiple locations within the mobile units.

Occupancy sensors were installed throughout the units, and special insulation was used in conjunction with heavy-duty HVAC units to keep the building cool and offset the considerable heat emitted from the broadcasting equipment. High-efficiency, dual electrical panels were installed with backup emergency power. Previously, the broadcast building was one level. By bringing in a two-story modular building, we could double the area but still keep to the strict time schedule for installation. While the building is designed for quick installation and easy removal every year for the US Open, the design also allows for the building to be winterized and remain year-round.