Simplify Your Construction Project – The Silverline Building System

Starting from a single unit, you can purchase or lease a Silverline Building System. Silverline can grow to unlimited square footage. You can choose the size based on what you are going to do with your space. Triumph’s Silverline Building System is predesigned, and pre-engineered to be delivered quickly.

Start with an open floor plan and customize it for a variety of special uses. It’s perfect for classrooms, offices, and health clinics. Silverline Buildings can be used as a temporary solution, set lightly to the foundation, which gives you the flexibility to relocate the space at a later date. However, if you choose Silverline as a permanent solution, we can set it permanently on its foundation, too.

For rough order of magnitude pricing on the Silverline Modular Building System, please download our Budgetary Guidance document.

If you would like to discuss your upcoming project, please visit us here: Modular Building Contact Page.

  • Near infinite configuration options from single wide to multiplex
  • Improved air quality/ventilation, thermal, noise & moisture control
  • Excellent lighting & views
  • Coded for business & educational use
  • ADA compliant restroom with single sink, toilet & accessories
  • Custom build-out
  • 12×60 ft
  • 720 sq ft
  • Offices
  • School Classrooms
  • Health Clinic
  • Child Development Center
  • STEM Space
  • Retail Store
  • Food Concession
  • Art Gallery
  • Café
  • Pop-up Security
  • Emergency Shelter/Space
  • Waiting Space – Warming/Cooling

Please contact our Sales Team if you would like to discuss your specific space needs: Contact Sales.