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James Hook & Co – The Little Modular Building That Could

2014 December 19
by Glenn Cort
James Hook & Co

I can’t recall how long it’s been since the Hook family called Triumph Modular for a modular building that could house their retail space on Atlantic Ave, the popular spot called James Hook & Co. This following a fire that forced them to find a fast and temporary solution for their temporary building to get their doors back open for business.  … Read More...

3 good reasons to join the U.S. Green Building Council

2014 December 10
by Cliff Cort
U.S.Green Building Council

I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Greenbuild conference in New Orleans, while there I heard the concept of the TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE mentioned. Initially, it sounded like “tree hugger talk”.  Actually, I googled it  . . .  It is a serious and an increasingly recognized concept.


  •  First Bottom Line is “Profit”.

4 Essentials for Maintaining a Healthy Portable Classroom

2014 December 4
by Linda Bee
4 essentials for maintaining a healthy portable classroom

Portable classrooms are an inexpensive yet efficient addition, which many schools are opting for rather than traditional classrooms. Although portable classrooms are cost-efficient, they will only last a fraction of their expected lifetime if they aren’t cared for and maintained correctly. By following a few modular maintenance tips, not only will your classroom stay in top condition, but it will also maximize the student’s education!… Read More...

Owners want you to know about Modular Construction

2014 November 26
by Glenn Cort

What is modular construction anyway?

Owners want you to know about Modular Construction.  Is it building 90% of a building off site and putting it together on site ?  Is it use of volumetric 3D boxes to form large chunks of modular buildings to be installed at site or is it use of smaller component parts or is it both things ?  … Read More...

5 Simple Acoustic Upgrades to Your Classroom

2014 November 24
by Linda Bee

Creating a classroom that is conducive to learning – what a simple goal. But many modular classrooms of the past failed to pay attention to the problem of unwanted noise pollution making it difficult for students to hear the teacher. These five simple acoustic upgrades will help turn your classroom into a teaching tool, not an impediment to an appropriate learning environment.… Read More...