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Live Free or Die Trying

2014 October 16
by Glenn Cort
Glenn Cort and family at top of Mount Monadnock

Pictured is me with my wife Brooke and my boys, John (14) and Mikey (11) nearing the top of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH on Columbus Day. Our communications person Janet is always “bothering me” to contribute to our blog and finally I have something important to write about. In this case, I have an important public service announcement: beware of making a casual decision about how to fill up a holiday weekend.… Read More...


2014 October 8
by Janet Field
cartoon people holding the wheels of sales and marketing


We are looking for an outgoing charismatic team player to fill an integral role at Triumph Modular. This person will round out our sales and marketing department, help to align the two departments and achieve our lead generation goals.

What we are looking for:

Reports directly to Principal EVP, works in close coordination with EVP and Director of Business Development to reach target prospect audience while also providing day to day admin support, processing and assistance on incoming sales inquiries.… Read More...

8 Modular Design Considerations

2014 September 22
by Janet Field
Triumph Modular

8 Modular Design Considerations for Permanent Modular Construction

As construction managers specializing in modular construction at Triumph Modular, we are often asked what the design considerations are when using modular construction. Each project is different and there are a myriad of options when designing a building to be constructed using modular or prefab methodology.… Read More...

Lexington High School Expands with Permanent Modular Construction

2014 August 29
by Janet Field


Triumph Modular Provided Lexington High School with 18,000 sq. ft. of Classroom Space, over the summer break. The building was ready for student’s first day, on time and on budget!

Take a look at these images of the modular building featuring 15 new classrooms the students of Lexington High will occupy.… Read More...

Contemplating Modular Construction

2014 August 11
by Janet Field
construction of a modular childcare center at MIT in Cambridge, MA

Savvy owners and developers are increasingly looking to modular construction methods to accelerate their projects. A growing awareness of the potential to realize the many benefits of building modular is what draws contractors, developers and owners to consider modular construction methods. Before a decision is made to go down the modular path, there is due diligence to be done.… Read More...