5 Unique Uses for Mobile Office Trailers

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Having the right space to suit the needs of your business is important, regardless of industry.  However, we know that business needs are constantly shifting, and more space is often required. Even with all the planning in the world, it can be difficult to predict when you’ve outgrown the space you have.  With mobile office trailers, you can quickly supplement your current space either temporarily or on a long-term basis. The question is: Who can effectively use mobile office trailers? There are likely a few industries that immediately come to mind. However, we’re also going to highlight some of the more unique use cases for the versatile mobile office trailers. 

The Most Common Industries Using Mobile Office Trailers

Before we look at unique, outside-the-box use cases, here’s a look at the most typical industries using mobile office trailers for extra space. 
  • Construction – Mobile office trailers provide construction sites with needed workspaces for construction workers, contractors, and engineers among others. The space allows for meetings with the crew, breaks, escape from the outdoors/weather, and the management of projects. Other construction site uses can be check-in areas for visitors to ensure safety, specific service stations, and general material storage.
  • Healthcare – The healthcare industry has a variety of use cases for mobile office trailers. They can be used as a temporary lab, a testing station, extra storage space, and more. 
  • Education – The needs of schools are constantly changing, with new programs and taking on more students from certain events, such as school closures. Mobile office trailers provide a temporary space for schools to suit any specific needs they have. 

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It’s commonplace to find mobile office trailers used heavily within these industries. 

However, what about the use cases that don’t immediately come to mind? 

Unique Uses For Mobile Office Trailers

When it comes down to it, a mobile office trailer simply provides an extra workspace, storage space, or both. The above industries are the most common places to find mobile office trailers, but at Triumph we’ve seen additional use cases.  Here are some other ways mobile office trailers are used that might not immediately come to mind. 

COVID Testing Labs

COVID testing labs are technically a part of the medical sector. However, they represent such an unprecedented circumstance that they’re worth mentioning as a unique use case.  COVID testing labs are vital to our ability to navigate through the rest of the pandemic. With hospital and clinic space being negatively affected, the need for temporary and quick spaces to rapidly test the public has gone up significantly. Mobile office trailers are the perfect solution to this problem. The space is ideal for testing labs and a quick turnaround time means that the mobile office trailer is ready to be occupied quickly.

Sporting Events

When certain sporting events come to town, there can be an immediate need for additional space, whether it’s for concessions, staff space, or even additional storage for certain on-site equipment.  A mobile office trailer can fill the need for this additional space. In fact, Triumph has rented mobile office trailers for a Division 1 Lacrosse National Championship in the past to house the staff and create a pop-up shop for merchandise. 

Warming Houses For Winter Activities

Spending entire days out snowshoeing or cross country skiing can get a little chilly, even with full winter gear on. Parks typically have warming houses where skiers can take a break, eat or drink, and warm up to tackle the next hill.  Since mobile office trailers are well-insulated and have electricity, they’re the ideal choice for a winter activity warming house. 

Temporary Spaces During Renovations

Going through renovations can be a strange experience for any business. You want to remain open to the public, but you don’t want the renovation process to disturb your customer experience.  Mobile office trailers can be used to supplement your space when renovations are taking place. At Triumph, we’ve seen several examples of businesses taking advantage of mobile office trailers during renovation times, such as car dealerships and golf course clubhouses.

Mail Dispatch Buildings

We’ve seen mobile office trailers used as a dispatch building for post offices. Mail is stored in the dispatch building where trucks will pull up and collect the necessary mail for their routes with minimal traffic disruption.  This scenario is a win-win for everyone involved: Truck drivers have an easier time completing their routes, and the public likely gets their mail delivered a little faster. 

Mobile Office Trailers Are More Versatile Than You Might Think

Mobile office trailers aren’t just for the healthcare, government, and education sectors. There are a ton of industries, businesses, and events that can make use of a versatile space. With electricity and insulation, there are far more use cases for these buildings than what might come to mind.  If you’re under renovations, running an event, or simply need additional space with a quick turnaround time, a mobile office trailer is the answer. 

Questions About Mobile Office Trailers?

Reach out to us with any questions you have about mobile office trailers. We would love to help.