The Silverline Building System Part 3: Using Mobile Offices as Testing Labs

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Now that part 1 and part 2 of our Silverline series blogs have familiarized you with Silverline’s features, options, and healthy building design concepts, let’s dive into a common use case for modular construction in general: Testing labs. 

The question is: Is modular construction a viable option for temporary or permanent testing labs? 

In short, the answer is yes. However, we’re here to dig a little deeper to show exactly why Triumph’s Silverline Building System is an excellent option for testing labs. 

What is a Testing Lab?

To put it simply, a testing lab is an environment used to run experiments or examinations in a controlled space. Testing labs can be used in a wide variety of industries, with the medical field likely being the most common area to find them. However, the education sector is another industry where testing labs are commonly found and used. 

Take our current pandemic situation, for example. Testing labs are necessary to test folks for COVID-19. These examinations need to occur in a controlled, safe environment. 

Why Use Silverline for Testing Labs?

So by now, you’re likely asking yourself: Why use Silverline for testing labs? What makes modular construction so effective for these types of practices? 

Luckily for you, we’re going to cover a few key reasons why modular, and by extension, Triumph’s Silverline Building System, is a perfect fit for testing labs.

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Speed to Occupancy

With testing labs, speed to occupancy can be incredibly important. Think about our current predicament. We’ve been hit fast and hard by a rampant virus. The quicker we can get mobile testing labs up and running, the quicker we can test the public. 

Thankfully, speed to occupancy is something that Silverline is built around. With pre-engineered and pre-designed buildings, Silverline can be delivered to you much quicker than any alternative construction process. 


Traditional construction can end up being a costly endeavor. Especially if you only require the testing lab temporarily. 

Thankfully, modular construction lends itself to those seeking a more budget solution in any industry, and testing labs are no different. Triumph’s Silverline Building System offers a far more cost-effective solution for testing labs than traditional construction processes. 

Temporary vs. Permanent

We touched on this briefly in the point above, but what happens if you’re only looking for a temporary testing lab? 

Going back to our previous example, COVID won’t be around forever. Testing labs built for the sole purpose of testing folks for the virus likely won’t need to be permanent. By choosing a permanent, traditional construction solution, you’ll be stuck with a building that may or may not have a use further down the line. 

Triumph’s Silverline Building System is the perfect solution here. While it’s absolutely viable in a permanent setting, it also better suits the needs of those who are looking for a more temporary testing lab, as they can simply be relocated when their presence is no longer needed. 

Healthy Building Design Concepts

The healthy building design is something we covered in-depth throughout part 2 of our Silverline series. However, when discussing why Silverline suits testing labs well, it’s important to note that these aspects of Silverline make them an even more attractive choice. 

The four main healthy building design features we’ve covered are:

  1. Improved air quality/ventilation
  2. Thermal control
  3. Noise control
  4. Moisture control

All four of these design features not only optimize your modular space for testing lab purposes, but some of them can even be vital to success. Depending on what you’re using the testing lab for, the ability to control moisture and temperature can be the difference between a testing lab being useable or not. 

Looking for More Information? 

For those seeking additional information on why Triumph’s Silverline Building System is a perfect choice for testing labs, or even for general information on how to get started, go ahead and reach out to us. Our sales team will be more than happy to provide you with the assistance that you need.

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